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  • Gift Certificate - Adult

    Give someone special an experience! Give the gift of swim lessons, yoga, a painting class, a baseball league, a drama workshop... The classes and opportunities you can use a gift certificate with are nearly endless. Purchase in the amount of $25, $50, $75 or $100. Your gift certificate will be mailed the next business day or you can request to pick it up in person at the Central Learning Center in Forest Lake. If you have any questions, please call (651) 982-8110.
  • GED Testing

    MAKE AN INVESTMENT - Adults who have their degree make more money and are prepared for college! The GED® test is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills required by high schools and requested by colleges and employers. The four subjects are Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. After you pass the GED® test, your diploma or credential will be issued by your state but you’ll receive a GED® transcript to apply to college, start training, or get a better job. Visit www.ged.com to learn more or to make an appointment to take the test.
  • Pickleball Club

    Pickleball players of all experience levels are invited to join the club! Individual players are welcome to pre-register or drop-in to participate in pick-up pickleball games. Players will rotate in and out of games to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play. Bring your own paddle or borrow one of ours! Players should wear comfortable clothes, athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water. Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    Adult Basic Education classes are: Designed for adults Learner centered Offered year round Confidential Free of charge Self-paced Flexible on-going start dates Basic Skills Refresher – Are you preparing to enter college or wanting to brush up on your reading, writing or math skills? Based on your individual needs, you will be guided through activities and materials to help you meet your educational goals.English as a Second Language – Are you or someone you know interested in improving their English? Foreign-born adults are welcome to work one-on-one or in small groups with teachers or tutors to improve their English skills. Students can enter the program with any level of English language skill and move through the program at their own pace.Family Learning - This is an ideal program for parents with young children who want to work on their own learning goals. Children attend preschool or childcare programs while parents participate in parent education classes and work on goals that may include GED, English or basic skills. Families enjoy lunch together, participate in guided learning experiences and get ideas for home activities.Call for enrollment information.Sep-May Tue & Thu 11:15-3:30pm
  • Walkers Welcome

    The Central Learning Center, Forest Lake Area High School and Wyoming Elementary are open for walkers! Avoid the snow, ice, rain and traffic. Come walk in a safe and controlled climate. Walk one, two or more times each week. Walkers will be sent an identification badge and complete schedule upon registration. Badge must be worn while walking. Sorry, we are unable to offer accommodations for personal belongings. Registration fee allows you to walk at any of the three schools until April 2019. Please arrive before 8pm in the evening. While walking is available until 8:30pm, the building will be locked at 8pm.
  • Adult Education Volunteers Needed!

    Help adults learn basic skills in reading, writing and math. Volunteers may attend workshops to learn how to tutor adults using various techniques. Opportunities are also available to tutor foreign-born adults in English as a Second Language. Call (651) 982-8302 to volunteer today!
  • GED Test Preparation

    Work individually or in small groups with the guidance of a licensed teacher to prepare for taking your GED tests. We will determine where you need extra support in order to pass all four sections of the GED test. You will have access to instructional materials and timed practice tests. You and your instructor will determine when you are prepared to take each section of the computer based version of the GED. GED-i online test preparation is available on a limited basis to learners who qualify.
  • Volleyball - Adult Co-ed

    Enjoy an evening out with friends and neighbors! Good volleyball, great times and the exercise is just a bonus. Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Citizenship Test Preparation

    Are you on the path to becoming a U.S. Citizen? This Citizenship Test Preparation program provides opportunities for adults to work with an instructor to learn about the United States naturalization process. Citizenship test preparation will teach the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills needed to pass the naturalization interview. Students will learn: The rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship U.S. history U.S. government Civics Classes are offered four times each week and you can mix and match to attend at the times that work best for you. Please contact Maria Burnham at (651) 982-8302 or mburnham@flaschools.org to learn more and to register.
  • Yoga - Core Strength Workout

    Build strength with this intense yoga practice. We'll combine a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing to develop core strength and balance. Emphasis is on breathing through each posture to attain mind-body connectedness. Yoga detoxifies the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water. Beginning to intermediate participants are welcome. Drop-in fee is $9. Yoga Forest is located at 616 North Lake Street, Forest Lake. 
  • Zumba®

    Zumba takes the “work” out of workout by mixing great music with low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie burning dance fitness party! Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check! Super fun? Check! Zumba is perfect for everybody and every body! It combines all elements of fitness; cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility while giving you boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class! Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Please bring a small towel and a bottle of water. Drop-in fee is $8.
  • Yoga - Balance & Strength

    Energize your body while gaining flexibility and strength through the practice of yoga. Using yoga poses, you will stretch and tone muscles while strengthening joints and improving your balance. This class is designed for people of all abilities. For classes held at Kyoshin Ryu - they are now located at 143 Lake St N, Forest Lake. Please park in the municipal parking lot at the back of the building.
  • Table Tennis - Recreational

    Experienced or not-so-experienced table tennis players, this opportunity is for you! Whether you want to improve your skills or have fun, this casually supervised activity will be great for players of all levels. This activity will provide a high energy, fun environment and encourage friendly competition! Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Mindfulness Practice - The Art of the Present Moment

    Mindfulness Practice is the ancient method of self-understanding and self-management. It is widely used for handling pain and stress, habit control, and dealing with painful emotions and disturbing thoughts. It leads to deep self-knowledge and self-management skills that make life richer. The content of the practice is simply our own experiences of body and mind with no ideology. It is compatible with any self-development practices you do. Please wear loose clothing for comfort. The teaching is cumulative, so attendance at all meetings is encouraged.
  • Basketball - Men's

    Love to play basketball, but don't have a full team? This is the place for you! Come alone or with friends and use the time to work on your game. You can perfect your free throws and layups, and play recreational pick-up ball with other participants. Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Yoga - Hatha Flow Beginner

    Learn the fundamentals of yoga including proper alignment and breathing during this class especially designed for beginners. Learn how to move between yoga poses while you improve your balance and flexibility and build strength and confidence to move on to more challenging classes. Hatha Flow Yoga provides the full benefits of practicing yoga at a softer pace appropriate for beginner students. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water.
  • Yoga - Hatha Flow

    Build strength while you lengthen and stretch your body by aligning ligaments through this gentle yoga practice. Yoga postures are connected with fluid movements that synchronize with your breathing to help reduce stress and improve balance. This class is most appropriate for people with experience in yoga. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water. Drop-in fee is $9.
  • Yoga - Whole Body Vinyasa

    Whole Body Vinyasa is designed to increase both your strength and flexibility and is suitable for all ages and body types. The breath is incorporated into each exercise and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Each pose will be described in detail for beginners as well as modifications offered for more advanced students. Improve the health of your body, mind and soul through yoga! Please bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water to class. Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Drop in fee is $9.
  • Scandia Elementary Staff Wellness Hour

    Please join Suzanne McArdle for an hour of yoga at Scandia Elementary! This class is appropriate for all levels of yoga students, including beginners. Give yourself this gift to feel renewed in spirit, and improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. Drop in fee is $9.
  • Couch to 5K Club

    Get off the couch and get ready to run! Learn the importance of stretching, training techniques and running strategies under the guidance of an experienced and accomplished runner. Beginning runners will be prepared to run a 5K; experienced runners will be helped to improve running times. Runners will be expected to journal runs throughout, so bring paper and a writing utensil. Most running will be done on the school track and the group will have access to the gym for indoor training in case of inclement weather.
  • Spanish 1

    Learning Spanish enables you to communicate with Spanish speakers in your community, at work or in your travels. Beginners can explore both the language and culture. Those with previous Spanish instruction can brush up on speaking skills. We'll cover pronunciation, vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar. Please bring the textbook “Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish” by Dorothy Richmond to the first day of class. New and used textbooks are available at www.barnesandnoble.com or www.amazon.com.
  • Stained Glass Workshop - Beginner

    Learn to make beautiful art glass creations from an accomplished artisan who has been working with glass since 1979. Break glass with purpose and create amazing works of art that light up your life. Assembly method being taught is called copper foil, where a thin copper foil is bent over the edges of the glass so it can be soldered to hold the piece together. You can choose your own project and will need about $120-$150 in tools and supplies. Supply list will be discussed at the first class.
  • Stained Glass Workshop Open Studio

    If you’ve attended any introductory glass cutting and assembly class, you can bring your skills to the next level. Bring your tools and design ideas to the first class. Work on any design with any method. Learn to use lead, zinc or copper foil. You may need to purchase tools depending on what you want to do. First hour of class will be dedicated to assisting you with your projects. You are welcome to stay and continue working independently on your projects during the beginner class that goes from 7-9pm in the same room.
  • Fitness Boxing & Circuit Training

    Use circuit training, shadow-boxing, hand pads and an array of punching bags to learn the basics of boxing and get a great workout! Gain balance and coordination while learning punch combinations and proper fighting stance. This fun workout will help you reduce stress, lose weight and build confidence. There will be no physical contact between participants. Wear comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes. Bring a bottle of water and a towel. A supply fee of $8 for hand wraps is payable to the instructor on the first night of class. Believers Boxing is located in the Maranatha Church Building at 24799 Forest Blvd, Forest Lake.