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  • Pickleball Lessons - Beginner

    Join the fastest growing sport in America by learning to play pickleball. The beginner class is designed as a drill and play format while you learn how to keep score, serve, return of serve, forehand, backhand, dinking, lobbing and court strategies. Everyone is welcome of all ages and skill levels. This course is taught with passion and humor by USAPA Ambassador and multi-Gold Medalist,  Michael Lammer. Wear comfortable clothes, athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water. You do not need to purchase a paddle before class. Michael will bring a variety of demo paddles for you to try. Fenway Fields Pickleball Courts are located at 5530 206th St N, Forest Lake.
  • Pickleball Lessons - Intermediate/Advanced

    Time to improve your pickleball game. Learn proper techniques for three different serves, cross court attack dinks, the all important third shot (drop), how to play against "bangers" and the secrets of winning doubles strategies. Open to all players who know how to keep score, hit a forehand and backhand and understand the basis of the dink shot. Participants will drill and play to achieve maximum improvement. USAPA Ambassador and Gold Medalist, Michael Lammer, will instruct this fun filled class. Wear comfortable clothes, athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water.  Fenway Fields Pickleball Courts are located at 5530 206th St N, Forest Lake.
  • Table Tennis - Recreational

    Experienced or not-so-experienced table tennis players, this opportunity is for you! Whether you want to improve your skills or have fun, this casually supervised activity will be great for players of all levels. This activity will provide a high energy, fun environment and encourage friendly competition! Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Basketball - Men's

    Love to play basketball, but don't have a full team? This is the place for you! Come alone or with friends and use the time to work on your game. You can perfect your free throws and layups, and play recreational pick-up ball with other participants. Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Pickleball Club

    Pickleball players of all experience levels are invited to join the club! Individual players are welcome to pre-register or drop-in to participate in pick-up pickleball games. Players will rotate in and out of games to ensure everyone has the opportunity to play. Bring your own paddle or borrow one of ours! Players should wear comfortable clothes, athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water. Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Volleyball - Adult Co-ed

    Enjoy an evening out with friends and neighbors! Good volleyball, great times and the exercise is just a bonus. Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Drop-in fee is $5.
  • Fencing Ages 6-Adult

    Fencing is a vigorous sport that develops stamina, quick reactions, speed, accuracy of movement and excellent coordination. Classes begin with warm-up exercises followed by games, footwork and drills in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. Through strategic bouting, students will earn fencing strategies that require problem solving skills. You'll also build confidence and develop your analytical skills by learning and practicing how to referee bouts. Fencers are fully protected with a mask, jacket and gloves. All equipment is provided including safety jackets and masks. Please wear long athletic pants, a t-shirt, athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water.
  • Tae Kwon Do Ages 6-100

    Traditional Tae Kwon Do, an ancient Korean martial art over a thousand years old, is rapidly becoming the world's most popular martial art and form of self-defense. Tae Kwon Do is great exercise and also builds confidence, character and self-control. Parents report that their children become more focused in school and improve their social relations with others. For families, it is an excellent activity to participate in together no matter what your level of athletic ability. Sun Yi's Academy is located at 255 MN-97 #5b, Forest Lake.
  • Volleyball League - Adult Co-ed

    Register now for this fun, competitive, 16 week co-ed league for adults. The season will end with playoffs. Playoff format will be determined by the number of teams. Teams of six to ten will compete for the third ever FLAS Community Education Adult Co-ed Volleyball Championship! There may never be more than six players (up to three of whom can be men) on the court at one time. Each team should supply their own volleyball. One team captain for each team is required to report scores for standings and playoff seedings.Registration deadline: Nov 20, 2019