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  • Forest Lake Area Community Band

    The Forest Lake Area Community Band is open to all levels of adult musicians who play woodwind, brass or percussion and enjoy practicing and performing in a band! The band's purpose is to contribute positively to the musical environment of the Forest Lake area community. We will enjoy reading and playing a repertoire of varied styles ranging from traditional compositions for band to inspiring contemporary pieces. Under the direction of Jake Matheson, the band will perform in various venues (to be announced) in the Forest Lake area community. No audition required. Join us on Thursday, September 19 and receive complete practice schedule.
  • Dance - Salsa, Merengue & Bachata Workshop

    Salsa is a fast, flirty and fun dance that has origins in Cuba and Puerto Rico, but has many influences from around the world including New York's 1970's disco scene. Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic. This easy dance has quick steps and hip action. Bachata also has its origins in the Dominican Republic and is danced all over the world. The music is romantic with prominent acoustic guitar. Much of our focus will be on Salsa, but we will work on the basics and add fun patterns to all three dances.