G-Force Pole Vaulting Ages 10 & Up

Come experience pole vaulting for the first time or hone your existing skills. The emphasis of the program is to work with each vaulter, from beginner to advanced, to reach their maximum potential while having lots of fun. G-Force coaches rely heavily on the Petrov method in their instruction. Renowned Russian pole vault coach, Vitaly Petrov, developed the modern method of pole vaulting and was the coach of pole vault legends Sergey Bubka and Yelena Isinbayeva. Poles are provided or you are welcome to bring your own. Wear running shoes for warm-ups. Spikes are encouraged, but not required, for vaulting. Each session will allow for a 1:5 coach to vaulter ratio minimum. Coaches and vaulters will focus on improving current skills. As technique is critical for improvement, these sessions will break down the vault and allow the vaulter to master and improve any weak links in his or her execution of the event. In every case, we will finish the day at the pit applying what we’ve worked on that day.

G-Force poles can be checked out. You are responsible for loss, damage or breakage of checked out poles.

Coaching staff includes:
Mike Soule (certified in USATF Level 1 coaching and NHSL pole vault safety training)

Mike Rhudka, Spring Lake Park High School pole vault coach and USATF Masters pole vaulter

Marty Proops, USATF Masters pole vaulter

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  Mike Soule

  Forest Lake Area High School : Track


  Jun 8 - Aug 24
  5:00 - 7:30 pm
Min Age
10 yr.

  No Class Jul 6

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