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Little Ranger Roadster

Half Day Preschool for 3-year-olds is offered aboard the Little Ranger Roadster at select sites. These classes run like a regular preschool class but in our mobile classroom. The class will enter the elementary building for use of the bathroom and the cafeteria for a snack. The Little Ranger Roadster is a School Readiness program that is funded by various sources: parent fees, state aid, and levy funding. For more information on the Roadster please visit

Families can apply for an in-house School Readiness Scholarship providing financial assistance to families that have risk factors such as low income, family disruption, emergency circumstances, etc. This scholarship is based on a sliding fee scale adopted by the Early Childhood Programs.

Financial assistance options for Half Day Preschool are income-based through:

  • Pathway I Scholarship
  • Pathway II Scholarship
  • School Readiness Scholarship
Contact Info
943 9th Ave SW
Forest Lake, MN 55025
(651) 982-8375

20-21 Little Ranger Preschool - Roadster